Books by Anne Belovich

Anne wrote six books, five about roses and one about her voyage in the south seas to bring back her beloved sailboat, the Narhval. All were written and published when she was in her 90s. All are available for purchase through Amazon.

A Voyage of Determination (2019), $19.95

While living aboard my 40 foot ketch in San Diego harbor I fell in love, got married, moved ashore and regrettably, but according to my new husband’s wishes, I sold my beloved boat. Several years later when I learned that it was for sale in New Zealand I bought it back. This is the story of how I bought a used sextant, learned to navigate, got a small, all-male volunteer crew together, flew to New Zealand and joyously sailed for home. My optimism was soon confronted by the harsh realities of crossing such a long stretch of open ocean in a small boat. Standing a watch in the middle of the night in a cold wind with waves crashing over the stern and sweeping the full length of the boat was not what I had pictured.

Ramblers and Other Rose Species Hybrids (2016), $49.95

Over the years as a result of my obsessive searching out new varieties of ramblers, both in this country and in Europe, I have acquired a very significant collection of about 300 different varieties with more on their way from Europe. This has given me an unusually wonderful opportunity, along with my travels, to photograph and study these interesting plants first hand. Surrounded this way by living subjects, as well as my library, it has been a pleasure to create a written record of what I know about them in this book.

Large Flowered Climbing Roses (2019), $49.95

Climbing roses play an important role in the garden by providing the interest of a vertical element in contrast to the low-lying shrubs and bushes. Think of them as roses in the air. People have grown climbing roses for a long time, but in the beginning most were once blooming or lacked hardiness or had small flowers. Imagine the excitement over the arrival of ‘Dr W. Van Fleet’, the first large-flowered climbing rose and its repeat-flowering sport, ‘New Dawn’. The large-flowered climbing roses, including many direct descendants of ‘New Dawn’, are described and generously illustrated in this book.

Gallica Roses (2020), $19.95

I have always had a special interest in Gallicas that I cannot easily explain. They have their limitations as garden roses, but in no way do their few short-comings prevent the flowers from being as beautiful as they truly are and as you will see from the photographs in this book. Gallica plants only have one period of bloom in spring and early summer along with the lilacs and lilies, but they bloom in an unrivaled profusion and show of color.

Moss Roses (2021), $19.95

What makes a Moss Rose a Moss Rose? At first glance they may seem like any other old rose, but closer examination reveals the presence of little projections on the surface of the hips or other parts of the flower.

The Little Book of Alba Roses (2021), $12.99

Albas are a class of beautiful Old Garden Roses. They are mostly colored pastel shades and they are usually sweetly scented. They are unusually healthy, which makes them easy to grow. Their foliage is grey-green.